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OLS guides-translators are professionals and enthusiasts who perfectly know Astana and the history of Kazakhstan. We will develop an individual route for your group, having coordinated it with you in advance. Our specialists also travel and accompany groups to the pearl of Kazakhstan – Borovoe Lake.

Excursion services are conducted in various languages ​​(Russian, Kazakh, English, German, French, Turkish, Arabic, etc.)

Astana city tour itinerary:

– Baiterek

– Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

– Khazret Sultan Mosque

– Theater of Opera and Ballet “Astana-Opera”

– Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken”

– Palace of the President “Ak Orda”

– Khan Shatyr

Tour-excursions can be changed, combined and supplemented at the request of the client -Presidential Cultural Center, Museum of Fine Arts, Eternal memory to prisoners "ALZHIR", Museum of the First President, entertainment center "Duman" with an oceanarium, Korgalzhyn National Reserve, workshop M. Mansurov and others ...

The route "Astana-Borovoe"

- Granite throne of Abylai Khan

- Rock "Zhumbaktas"

- Rock "Ok Zhetpes"

- Walk to the national park "Borovoe"

- Visiting local history museums

The cost of 1 hour of the guide-translator is 5 000 tenge into European languages To oriental languages ​​- from 10,000 tenge (at least three hours)
The company also provides vehicle rental services for its clients.

Vehicle provision services from 5000 tenge per hour (at least three hours).

Like an oasis among endless steppes, its pride, Astana, flourishes in the very heart of Kazakhstan. For some ten years, having turned from a small provincial town into an ultra-modern capital, Astana attracts the attention of the world community, and also meets thousands of guests and tourists from all over the world.

The architecture of Astana combines the originality of the East and the grandeur of the West, the sophistication of Asia and the development of Europe. World famous architects took part in the construction of the city, thanks to whom magnificent modern buildings were erected on the Left Bank.

Undoubtedly, you and your guests will want to go out for a walk around the city, leave colorful photographs as a keepsake against the background of architectural splendor and, of course, get a lot of pleasant impressions! In this case, you cannot do without the help of an interesting, experienced guide.

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